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Trout Fishing Charters - Oswego, NY

Lake Ontario is known for its world class trout fishery. Brown trout, lake trout and rainbow trout all prowl the depths of Ontario. The quantity and quality of our freshwater trout fishery is unmatched, and is known throughout the world. Most trout average between 10-15 lb, yet each year we see some giants that can tip the scales as much as 20+Lbs! Primetime for trout starts as soon as the ice leaves our harbor in the spring, and runs through the mid summer months. Light tackle is our weapon of choice to start the year which lends itself to some incredible fights. After a long winter, are you ready to get outdoors? Why not experience what our trout fishery has to offer! climb aboard as the trout of a lifetime awaits.

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  • We can accommodate groups of 4 to 6
  • Charter Options - 4 hour, 6 hour, and All Day
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